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When he was a researcher

I was a senior scientist at INRIA from 1978 to 2003. Now I work at Scilab Enterprises where I am advisor.

This page is dedicated to INRIA period.

I was interested in Computer Algebra, Numerical Computations and Control and in the links between Computer Algebra and Numerical Computations.

Notes de cours sur Maple 6, 7 et 8 (janvier 2004) en français : fichier Postscript compressé par gzip ou fichier PDF.

Cours sur les systèmes dynamiques et leur résolution numérique utilisant Scilab (février 2007) en français : fichier PDF.

A few old publications:

- C.Gomez and J.P. Yvon, Design of Closed Loop Controls for a Seven-Stand Hot Strip Rolling Mill Proceedings of American Control Conference, San Francisco, June 22-24, 1983: PDF file.

- Théosys, Commande Optimale de Systèmes Stochastiques, R.A.I.R.O. Automatique/Systems Analysis and Control, volume 18, numéro 2, pages 225 à 250, 1984: PDF file.

- C. Gomez, J.P. Quadrat and A. Sulem, Computer Algebra as a Tool for Solving Optimal Control Problems, Applications of Computer Algebra, Kluwer Academic Publishers, 1985: PDF file.

- Claude Gomez and Maurice Goursat, METANET: a System for Network Analysis, DIMACS series in Discrete Mathematics and Theoretical Computer Science, volume 15, 1994: PDF file.

- Claude Gomez and Tony Scott, Maple programs for generating efficient FORTRAN code for serial and vectorised machines Computer Physics Communications, Thematic issue: Computer Algebra in Physics Research, volume 115, pages 548-562, 1998: PDF file.

- Claude Gomez and Maurice Goursat, Calibration and Simulation of an Automated Vehicles Highway Traffic 3rd IEEE International Conference on Intelligent Transportation Systems, Dearborn, Michigan, October 1-3, 2000: PDF file.

You can find here the latest release of Macrofort, a Maple package for generating complete Fortran programs from Maple.

You can find here the latest release of Transfor, a Maple package for translating Maple procedures into Fortran subroutines.

You can find here the latest release of Maple2scilab, a Maple package for translating Maple matrices into Scilab functions.

Book announcements

Je suis l'un des auteurs du livre: Introduction à Scilab. Plus d'information ?

I am the editor and one of the authors of the book: Engineering and Scientific Computing with Scilab. More information?

J'ai écrit avec Bruno Salvy et Paul Zimmermann le livre Calcul formel : Mode d'emploi -- Exemples en Maple, sur l'utilisation du calcul formel en Maple. Plus d'information ?

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